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Swan Island Hurricane Effect Synopsis

The North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries (NCDMF) monitored the newly created Swan Island Oyster Sanctuary in August 2018, as part of their annual monitoring effort, and again in November after Hurricane Florence. Monitoring results show that overall the number of oysters in the sanctuary increased after the storm. A bump in oyster spat was […]

North Carolina Strategic Plan for Shellfish Mariculture: a Vision to 2030

A multi-stakeholder group worked together to create a shellfish mariculture plan for North Carolina in order to grow the industry in a sustainable way. Shellfish mariculture is the cultivation of oysters, clams, mussels and other bivalves in contained areas in estuarine waters. Because most bivalves are filter feeders, mariculture helps improve water quality. North Carolina has […]

Stock Assessment on the Horizon

Despite a trending decline in oyster populations over the last 200 years in North Carolina, the remaining reefs continue to support a multimillion-dollar commercial fishery ($4,045,444 ex-vessel value in 2016), as well as valuable recreational fisheries. However, the wild stock remains unassessed as there is insufficient data to conduct a traditional stock assessment in North […]