This directory provides contact information for the people, agencies and organizations that are involved in research, education, leasing, growing, restoration and management of oysters in North Carolina.

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Professor, Department of Biology and Marine Biology

Dr. Posey’s research interests include oyster reef habitat function and restoration, reef ecology, trophic interactions in coastal systems, benthic ecology, wetlands biology and restoration; biology of shrimp and blue crabs, ecology and impacts of invasive species, and effects of disturbance on benthic communities. He has served on a variety of state and regional committees, including the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries Shellfish/Crustacean Fisheries Advisory Committee; NCDMF Blue Crab Technical Advisory Committee; Advisory Board for Carteret Community College’s Mariculture Program; N.C. Division of Coastal Management’s Estuarine Biological and Physical Processes Workgroup; and Non-Governmental Organization collaborations with local and regional municipalities. He has collaborated for many years with Troy Alphin on oyster research, with an emphasis on oyster restoration, oyster ecology, and community dynamics and fisheries support of oyster reefs. He extensively involves students in his research efforts and has mentored 28 undergraduate honors projects and 36 graduate students.


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