This directory provides contact information for the people, agencies and organizations that are involved in research, education, leasing, growing, restoration and management of oysters in North Carolina.

Niels Lindquist
University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences
Professor of Marine Sciences
252.726.6841 x136

Dr. Linquist began his oyster research in 2009, initially focusing on the impact of carbonate eroding sponges on oysters and oyster habitats. He has recently expanded to examine environmental drivers of oyster and sponge populations and their interactions. Dr. Linquist's current research projects also include: studies of palatability and chemical defense of marine invertebrate larvae, development of a broad spectrum sunscreen comprising of natural products of marine hydroid, and studies of natural products of N.C. seaweeds and marine invertebrates, their ecological roles, and possible practical applications (i.e. as anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial drugs, sunscreens, anti-fouling agents and agrochemicals)


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