This directory provides contact information for the people, agencies and organizations that are involved in research, education, leasing, growing, restoration and management of oysters in North Carolina.

Seth Theuerkauf

Seth Theuerkauf
NC State University
Doctoral Candidate, Dr. Eggleston's lab

Seth’s oyster-related research focuses on population dynamics and the development of GIS-based decision support tools to inform reef restoration and conservation. He is quantifying oyster population demographics on natural intertidal reefs and hardened shoreline structures in Pamlico and Core Sounds. He is integrating this with similar information from sanctuaries and subtidal reefs (natural and cultch plantings) into the Eggleston lab’s oyster metapopulation model for Pamlico Sound to simulate population dynamics in the system. He is also assisting with the development of GIS-based decision support tools that integrate biological and socioeconomic information to identify priority locations for reef conservation and restoration.


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