This directory provides contact information for the people, agencies and organizations that are involved in research, education, leasing, growing, restoration and management of oysters in North Carolina.

Full Circle Crab Company

Mr. Phillips is the owner of Full Circle Crab Company a wholesale/retail/value added seafood facility in Columbia, N.C. Raised on Masonboro, Greenville, and Wrightsville Sound his family owned an oyster house that was damaged by Hurricane Hazel. The house was an important cultural center for sounder family gatherings, oyster roasts and fellowship. As a seventh grader, his understanding of the connection between activities that take place on the land and how they impact the waters of North Carolina was cemented after a nearby creek was closed to shellfish harvest after a housing development was built on headwaters. He has been a lifelong advocate for clean water in the state. A waterman since 1970, he last commercially oystered in 1987. Since 1996 he has operated as a seafood dealer, buying from 100 fisherman a year over a 50 mile radius on the Alligator River and Albemarle Sound. He continues to fish crab/peeler pots and pound nets during the winter.


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