The goals and actions of the 2021-2025 Blueprint are summarized in the Blueprint Strategy Summary.

In the fourth edition of the Blueprint, the partners aim to achieve the following goals related to oyster protection, restoration, harvest and outreach about oysters.

Protect: Water Quality

Protect and restore water quality in shellfish growing waters that
are both critically important and endangered.

Protect: Oyster Sanctuaries

Establish sufficient acreage of protected oyster reefs to support
desired ecosystem services by building fish habitat, supplementing wild oyster stock and filtering water.

Restore: Living Shorelines

Expand the use of living shorelines to become the most commonly
used shoreline stabilization method in estuaries that support oyster habitats.

Restore: Shell Recycling for Reefs

Create a coordinated oyster shell recycling program to provide 5 percent of the material needed to support oyster restoration.

Harvest: Sustainable Wild Harvest

Sustainably manage natural oyster habitats within public trust areas to perpetuate ecosystem services and wild harvest.

Harvest: Cultch Planting

Use cultch planting to replenish and enhance oyster habitat for commercial harvest and ecosystem services.

Harvest: Shellfish Aquaculture

Build the shellfish aquaculture industry to create a $45 million industry by 2025.

Educate: Outreach and Engagement

Create communication and outreach strategies that engages stakeholders and the general public to actively support the goals, strategies and actions outlined in the Blueprint.