Building an Oyster Sanctuary | Stories from the Coast

The Coastal Federation and the Division of Marine Fisheries are continuing efforts to build oyster sanctuaries in the Pamlico Sound, come along with us as we get a closer look at the construction process and some of the benefits of creating…
Slash Creek Oyster Farm utilizes their new flip farm gear out on oyster lease

Growing the Oyster Industry | Stories From the Coast

Oyster Growers in North Carolina look to new gear to help them expand their farms to meet a growing demand. This comes as the North Carolina Coastal Federation secures additional funding to move forward with plans for Aquculture Hub to support…

Grower Profile: Ryan Bethea

Ryan Bethea Oysters Carolina, Harker’s Island Ryan Bethea had never really thought about oyster mariculture until he stumbled across an article in a magazine at his parents’ house. “It all of a sudden hit home for me,” he said.…
Katherine McGlade, Slash Creek Oysters, Hatteras

Grower Profile: Katherine McGlade

Slash Creek Oysters, Hatteras After years of working in corporate jobs, Katherine McGlade was looking for a way to work outside when she came across oyster mariculture. McGlade saw an opportunity to make a quality product in an industry…
Katherine McGlade, Slash Creek Oysters, Hatteras

Senate Mulls Fisheries, Shellfish Overhauls | Coastal Review Online

Bills advanced Wednesday by Sen. Norm Sanderson would create a new shellfish leasing program and extensive changes to the state's marine fisheries oversight For the full story, refer to Coastal Review Online at the link below. Source: Senate…
Katherine McGlade, Slash Creek Oysters, Hatteras

Genetic impacts of a commercial aquaculture lease  

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> N.C. Aquaculture: Shellfish Lease and Franchise Program

The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries administers the Shellfish Lease and Franchise Program for the purposes of shellfish cultivation, aquaculture and mariculture within the State of North Carolina.

> The Nature Conservancy North Carolina Oyster Initiatives

>  North Carolina Sea Grant Oyster Page

> North Carolina Shellfish Growers Association

> Shellfish Gardeners of North Carolina

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