oyster beds

The North Carolina Shellfish Siting Tool

This tool will assist new or current growers in siting new or expanding shellfish operations by providing a simple tool to assess conditions based on existing datasets.

The North Carolina Coastal Atlas

The North Carolina Coastal Atlas is a collaborative effort to enable access to coastal data and inform coastal managers, scientists, students and the interested public. We provide selected geospatial data, visualization tools and thematic maps focused on coastal resources and hazards.

The North Carolina Coastal Resiliency Tool

The Nature Conservancy has expanded a web-based mapping tool on their coastalresilience.org platform that joins science and planning to address coastal issues in eastern North Carolina. The Nature Conservancy’s North Carolina Chapter scientists, guided by local stakeholder needs, worked with experts to develop the Restoration Explorer application which helps planners prioritize where oyster reefs could make the most difference in preventing shoreline erosion as well as in improving water quality. This tool eases the planning processes required of restoration projects such as constructing oyster reefs and restoring wetlands. The mapping tool also aims to assist planners in protecting communities from coastal hazards by helping people identify nature-based solutions to reducing risk.